As a member of the IHMM Board of Directors, I periodically update Certificants and NEOCHMM Chapter Members of developments at IHMM.

After 34 years at the same location, IHMM recently completed its move to a new office.

The office is located at 9210 Corporate Park Drive in Rockville, MD.   The office is located right off the I-270, at the Shady Grove Road intersection, in northwest Rockville. It is not too far from the old office, but has the facilities and amenities needed to help move the Institute forward for the next five years and beyond. If you are in the area and would like to take a tour of the office, call ahead and the staff will try and accommodate you.

The IHMM Board recently started the process of updating the Institute’s strategic plan. The plan was last updated in 2013. With new members being elected to the Board and new challenges in the next 5 years, it was time for the Plan to be revised and updated. As this process is completed, we will advise all Certificates of our plans.

One item that will never change is for Certificants to recruit new persons to the hazardous materials field and towards certification. Please take the time to identify and mentor a young professional. Then have them apply for certification. This is a process, not a onetime event. You and the profession will be better for your efforts.