As a Board Member of the IHMM, I periodically provide the Chapter with an update of the proceedings at IHMM.

The IHMM Board held its Third Quarter Board Meeting at the AHMP National Meeting in Reno, Nevada. We do this to support the AHMP in terms of providing additional attendees and additional room nights for the AHMP National Meeting. In addition, the IHMM has historically been a Silver Sponsor and Exhibitor at the Meeting, providing additional revenue for the event.

IHMM recently announced the hiring of a new Executive Director, Eugene Guilford Jr. Mr. Guilford has a background as a lobbyist and will helping IHMM extend its efforts for credential protection.   Credential protection was recently secured in Wisconsin and IHMM is making a similar effort in Florida.   Also, several states have legislation which may affect professional credentials and licenses. One example of such legislation, now pending in Ohio, is SB 255. IHMM and our associated lobbying group have contacted the respective authors of this legislation, with the intent making sure these legislators understand the value of professional credentials. Also to have these authors to consider extending legal protection for those holding these credentials against those who represent they have a credential, when in fact, they do not.

IHMM continues its efforts with the CPCIF in China. The CPCIF will assist IHMM in supporting the Certified Dangerous Goods Professional (CDGP) certification in China. IHMM is now taking applications for that certification and is expecting to offer the examination in China in November.   In anticipation of offering the exam, IHMM has recently updated its blueprint for the CDGP Exam. The Board thanks all the Committee members and IHMM Staff whose hard work made this recent update possible.

IHMM continues to upgrade and automate its back office operations. Certificants should be receiving automated reminders when recertification or when fees are due. It is important and incumbent upon Certificants to keep their contact information

current with IHMM. IHMM has a hard time contacting you if your information is incorrect or dated. IHMM recommends that you start your recertification application now. By doing so, you can just add in documentation of training for recertification points as you earn them and avoid the stress of trying to compile 5 years of records when your application is due.

IHMM will be holding elections some seats on its Board of Directors. Certificants will be sent instructions on how to vote in the upcoming month and are encouraged to cast their vote immediately upon getting instructions.

IHMM’s office lease is up at the end of the year. Current plans are to move to a more welcoming and modern space by January 2019. IHMM will advise all Certificants of our new address, once the move has been completed.