As a Board Member of IHMM, I am pleased to provide you with quarterly updates of the proceedings at the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management or “IHMM.”

ACT NOW !! ---PLEASE PAY YOUR ANNUAL FEES---Some Certificants are one to four years in arrears in paying annual fees. Many cannot be reached because they did not keep their information current with IHMM. These people will be decertified on April 14, 2018. Please contact Jim Drosdak at the Institute at (301) 244-4865 if you feel the fee invoices are in error or to arrange a payment plan for the fees. IHMM has not decertified anyone in the past few years for failing to pay annual fees. After exhaustive efforts to contact these Certificants by mail, telephone, e-mail and social media, IHMM has no choice but to begin the decertification process.


Each one of the credentials offered by the Institute undergoes a periodic re-evaluation to make sure the Credential is current with technology and industry practices.

The Certified Hazardous Material Manager or “CHMM” Credential just received its Reaccreditation by ANSI. The IHMM Staff just received a Letter of Accommodation from ANSI for the professional manner in handling the reaccreditation process.

The Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner or “CHMP” credential in now undergoing review to make sure it covers its intended professionals. CHMP’s and those familiar with the certification recently received an extensive survey to confirm the background of those with credential and what they do in their daily jobs. This was done ahead of a “Job Task Analysis,” to make sure the CHMP is properly positioned in the job market.

Extensive work is ongoing to extend the Certified Dangerous Good Professional or “CDGP” in the international market. Certified Dangerous Goods Trainers or “CGDT” offer training to those who transport dangerous goods, often internationally, and to those who seek CGDP Certification. Watch for press releases from the IHMM, to detail our progress in this area.

The IHMM has recently consolidated its Recertification Handbook to include the CHMM, CHMP and CDGP, all in one handbook

Credential Protection is now part of the state laws in Michigan. IHMM is now spearheading a similar effort in Florida.