AHMP held their Annual National Conference in Ft. Worth, Tx. from Sunday August 26 through Wednesday, August 30, 2017.  Fortunately, the weather in Ft. Worth was not affected much by Hurricane Harvey, but some coming to the Conference wisely re-routed their flights around Houston.

Attending the Conference from NEOCHMM, were Stacy Silla-Marx, CHMM, Chapter President and Nate Walden, CHMM, Chapter Vice-President.  Stacy and Nate were also official Chapter Delegates for NEOCHMM.  Also attending were Ray Davis, CHMM and Mark Baumgardner, CHMM. 

Over $500 was raised at the conference and donated to the American Red Cross for Harvey Relief Services.  Many of the attendees, like Nate Walden, that work in the emergency response area, found themselves leaving the Conference early, to attend to urgent matters on the Texas Gulf Coast, as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

AHMP’s 2018 conference is in Reno, Nv.  Make plans now to attend the Conference and visit many of the attractions in the area.  In 2019, AHMP will be returning to Atlanta for its Conference.