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IHMM held its third quarter meeting at the AHMP National Conference in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Our latest appeal:

  • Where are you ??

It is very important that you go the IHMM Website and then go to My IHMM Login to update your profile, contact information and pay any fees.  While we are here to assist, it is your responsibility,  as  Certificants or Applicants, to keep your contact information current.  Some 98 individuals have taken advantage of our Reinstatement Policy.  We use this policy to allow those who were decertified to become recertified without taking the exam over again.  We did this because we found on transition to our new data management system, that some data was lost or some Certificants had problems recertifying. While many of those issues have been taken care of, we cannot contact you if your information is not current.  People change jobs frequently or change positons within the same employer, where their contact information changes when they transition.  In addition, may people no longer use a home telephone land line or have changed wireless telephone numbers.  Please go on to the website several times per year and make sure your information is correct and current.  Do it today.

IHMM Continues to work on:

*Credential protection legislation in Wisconsin and Florida.  Bills in these states continue to move along at a slow pace.  The Legislatures do not meet during the summer and often have more urgent legislation, such as unfinished budget legislation, ahead of other bills.  We will keep you informed as to the status of this bills and how you may support passage.

*Credential expansion worldwide.  IHMM continues to look for ways to have our credentials recognized worldwide.  The biggest push is with the Certified Dangerous Goods Professional or “CDGP.”  This Credential is especially important in the shipment of Hazardous Materials internationally.

Those individuals that work in the transportation sector may wish to obtain a CDGP accreditation in addition to their CHMM or CHMP credential.  Training is often offered by trainers that have another IHMM credential, the Certified Dangerous Good Trainer or “CDGT.”

IHMM is offering the CDGP exam in the United Kingdom this fall after LableLine offers the training related to international transportation of Dangerous Goods. Being a certifying body, IHMM cannot offer training but only certification. However, we have found it useful to offer the exams immediately following training offered by third parties, such as Label Line.  We find more people sit for the exam right after training, rather than return to take the exam at another time.

*IHMM Board Elections.    IHMM has completed it vetting of those wishing to be on the IHMM Board.  The Process is quite competitive.  We had 22 persons apply for 3 open Board positions.   We will hold the election in the upcoming months.  Please make sure your profile on the IHMM website is up-to-date to make sure you get notification of how to cast your ballot.   Because of the competitive nature of our Board elections, those who are interested in serving on the Board should build up their resume by serving on IHMM Committees, AHMP Committees or Board positons in your local community.  We also look for special expertise you may have acquired in your job,  that you can bring to the Board.  Those experienced in Emergency Response, international EHS, Marketing and effective recruitment of millennials, are especially valued.