Happy 2016 !  

As an IHMM Board Member, I would like to keep the NEOCHMM Membership updated on what is happening at IHMM.  In general, IHMM is actively updating its website, so check-in often.  IHMM also will be issuing its January 2016 edition of its biannual newsletter, IHMM Today, so also check that out in the next few weeks.

From my perspective, the Executive Director, Jeff Greenwald and his staff are making progress on the computer programs that allow applicants to apply and certificates to recertify using on line applications, without submitting any paper documentation.  While there is a ways to go on cleaning up details, the program has progressed enough that the blackout periods have been lifted and most applications can be completely handled on line.  There are about 200 incomplete applications that were filed prior to the program change over about May 1, 2015.  Because those applications were incomplete, the data could not be accepted into the new program, simply because the new program was designed not to accept incomplete applications or data.  If you happened to file such an application, and you have not heard back from IHMM, please contact IHMM directly and the staff will work with you to resolve your application and maintain your certification.  Since it incumbent on the the person making the application that the application is complete and truthful,  it is important that you make the call to IHMM to determine the status of your application, as IHMM does not have a list of persons that made an incomplete application.

The IHMM staff is undertaking a number of initiatives to broaden the reach and importance of Certifications offered.  One initiative involves around outreach to public sector, especially veterans that can apply their military experience in handling hazardous materials to earning a certification. Another initiative involves outreach to global professionals about the benefits of the Certified Dangers Good Professional (CDGP) in the international transport of hazardous materials.  With a limited staff and budget, these initiatives take a while to develop, but we hope to see some results in 2016.


Finally and most importantly, have you made young professionals aware of the certifications offered by IHMM ?   Why not? What do you have to hide? Invite those persons to the NEOCHMM’s February Social. Also direct to them to the IHMM website, and mentor them, so they can see how such Credentials can help them in their career.