I just attended my first IHMM Board meeting in Baltimore. I would like to thank all who voted for me and for the opportunity to serve.  From time to time, I would like to provide you with a Board Member’s perspective of IHMM.

There is a lot going on with the IHMM Board.   It took me over three solid days of work to go over the Bylaws, Management Systems Manual, Financial Statements and Minutes for the past year. Al though I already knew many of the Board members, I studied their bios intently, hoping to see where I could complement their strengths.  I was able to meet most of the Board Members and many of the IHMM Staff at the Board meeting.  Allison King, CHMM, the Chairwoman of the Board and Jeff Greenwald, PE, CAE , the Executive Director of IHMM, have the Board and its staff well focused and engaged.  All have been working together on a number of programs, the results of which you will see in the upcoming months.

IHMM is celebrating its 30th anniversary.  IHMM conducted a very successful Symposium at the last AHMP Conference in New Orleans.  It has started a rebranding effort with a new logo and outlook. The website has been updated. Check it out and come back frequently for more news. More changes should be announced this year that will significantly streamline back office operations.

IHMM recently received its reaccreditation from ANSI.  That represents a lot of hard work by the staff and enhances the value of your credential.  Even further, ANSI also approved and has granted accreditation under ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 for the Certified Dangerous Goods Professional (CDGP).  If you spend a lot of time in the transportation of hazardous materials, then the CDGP may be for you, even if you are already a CHMM.   If not, maybe you know someone in the field that would be interested in the CDGP Credential.  Recruit them and pass along the value of your credential to them.