As was highlighted among revisions to the Recertification Handbook in the summer 2014 issue of IHMM Today, certificants who do not submit a recertification application within six months after their credential expiration date shall have their credential decertified.

Certificants who are unable to meet the recertification requirements by obtaining sufficient CMPs may elect to apply to take the certification examination in lieu of submitting a recertification application. Certificants who elect to recertify by exam must take and pass the exam before the end of the six month window.

As stated in the CHMM Code of Ethics, “A CHMM or CHMP or CDGP shall accept responsibility for maintaining the credential through recertification, shall remain current in the field, and shall continuously uphold the Code of Ethics.” Timely initiation of the recertification process is necessary for the demonstration of continued professional competency and currency in the field, and is therefore necessary for continued practice as a credential holder.

Once decertified, an individual is no longer extended the privilege of practicing as a credential holder. The only way to regain the credential is to apply again as a first time applicant with a new number and abide by all eligibility requirements in effect at the time his/her application is approved. This policy went into effect on September 1, 2014. Efforts were made to reach all certificants immediately affected by the implementation of the policy to give them an opportunity to renew their credentials before decertification.

IHMM engages in numerous outreach efforts to help ensure that certificants stay abreast of their responsibilities as credential holders. It is ultimately a certificant’s responsibility to fulfill these responsibilities, and it is therefore extremely important that all certificants keep their contact information up to date so that these communications are not missed.