Our Annual HMS Membership Meeting is scheduled on Thursday September 30th at 2:00 p.m. EDT.  The link to the Free Conference hosted virtual meeting is below and in the attached draft agenda. 
Dial-in number:    (425) 436-6280

Access code: 778407

Online meeting ID: jnguyen14

Online meeting link: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/jnguyen14

After a call to order, each BoD member will introduce themselves and make a statement regarding their work with HMS.  Then, we will conduct the HMS business as presented in the attached draft agenda.  I’ve also attached the copy of the original bylaws and a blackline copy of the changes as recommended by the HMS BoD and edited by Kermit Rader, Esq., the HMS BoD member.  Kermit and the balance of the HMS BoD will be available on this call to answer any questions regarding these changes.  Updates of the E&T programs and a solicitation for this year’s scholarship will follow.

As the draft agenda suggests, Board liaisons to HMS committees and/or committee chair present an update on each committee’s latest activities and plans.  In addition, Ron Wilkins, HMS’s Finance Committee chair and BoD member, will present the financial status of our group.

Lastly, I will discuss HMS’s plans for the near future and solicit any questions you may have. 

A voice vote is anticipated for the recommended bylaws changes.  However, if the group is too large or a voice result is unclear, a roll call vote administered by our moderator, Jimmy Nguyen of the Institute.  Should the group be too large to complete such a vote in a reasonable time (> ~70 members), a chat message with a link to a survey monkey request will be sent to each member in attendance in anticipation of your vote.  Information supplied during this process will be used to verify your attendance and member status.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter and your participation in the Hazardous Material Society’s second Annual Membership Meeting.

Bob West, Chairman of the Hazardous Materials Society (HMS)