In June, the IHMM Board held its Second Quarter Board Meeting by teleconference. Traditionally, the Second Quarter meeting is always by teleconference, but given the COVID-19 situation, this medium is especially useful. In order to reduce travel costs and for the protection of the Board and Staff, our third quarter meeting will probably also be by teleconference.

Like all organizations, IHMM has been challenged by COVID-19 and must adapt accordingly. Thanks to significant investments in the Association Anywhere (“AA”) software about 4 years ago, and adjustments after a difficult start-up period, the IHMM Staff is able to operate remotely. Most staff have been working from home since March. Recertifications are being processed on line at about the same pace as last year. Back office operations continue on line.

However, because many Kryterion Test Centers shut down in March and have been slow to open up, sitting for an exam has been become more difficult. ANSI finally approved a procedure for people to sit for an exam remotely, such as at the office or at home. However, the person must be under constant video surveillance during the process and cannot otherwise conduct any activity outside the view of the screen or any questionable activity in front of the screen. This makes for an awkward situation, but we all must adapt because of COVID-19. If you are considering sitting for an exam, we urge you to do so at an open test center or remotely. Further, for the health of IHMM, it is critical that Certificants encourage other professionals to become certified. With many persons working remotely, this may a great time to prepare for and sit for an exam.

Most Conferences and Technical Meetings are now occurring on line. The AHMP National Meeting

will be “virtual.” IHMM will be participating with a “virtual” booth. IHMM continues to reach out and engage it’s Certificants through the newly formed Hazardous Material Society or (HMS”). The HMS website has an extensive listing of online and in person training courses that can be used to gain recertification points. Further, IHMM has made an extensive revision of its website and the new website is very user friendly. The website has a “Collaboration” platform where Certificants’, staff and IHMM Committees can exchange information in real time. We urge all Certificants and those preparing to sit for an exam to make use of these extensive resources.