1. Materials and Supplies

Many agencies and companies are suffering from shortages of materials from sanitizers, gloves, masks, and other general PPE. 

When purchasing materials and supplies during this time, it’s crucial to

  • Verify your supplier (and their suppliers)
  • Identify the actual lead time
    • Don’t be afraid to state in the PO that if not received within agreed to timeline, that PO is void with any escrowed/paid funds immediately due refunded
  • Don’t wire transfer money in advance, use escrow if necessary
  • Verify that the material you’re purchasing meets the CDC requirements

  1. Cures:

With the elevated levels of anxiety present around this pandemic we’re all in, it’s unfortunate that there are individuals out there seeking to take advantage and seek financial gain. 

At this time, the FDA has approved NO vaccines, drugs, or treatments to prevent of cure this virus.

Ben Franklins axiom of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” has never rung so true.  Please practice your social distancing ensuring that you only leave the house whenever absolutely necessary. 

Don’t look at this as a negative but view it as an opportunity to spend lost time with your families, get caught upon a good book, binge on some streaming shows (Tiger King anyone?…wow), and get some “Honey-Do” items off the list. 

  1. Charities:

This is a great time and opportunity to aid those less fortunate but also a time for scamming to inflate to unprecedented levels. 

If you choose to donate money to a cause